Thursday, November 4, 2010

thursday morning


emmm this week gonna be my study week stating from last monday..until now im nop yet study anything,can u believe my schelu for da exam r very fix n so close together..stat from

9/11----->ibg 302...something baut DNA

12/11------>lsp english class.ngegegee

13/11------->btt 301..tissue culture..eeee

16/11------->fel 271/htv 201..hah cant belive i got 2 exm on da same day!!!

20/11----->ibg 302..bioreactor..errghhh

23/11----->my minor (saiko)

so tough this sem, gonna kecup all of this....

but still on this moment doest touch anything...then u tell me how im gonna be berjaya dlm kehidupan if like frustated la...then i will end up up menyesal xsudah,..then make new hope 4 da new stupid of me..did i realize that every sem im just doing da sem thing..nothing never ever changing...come on nab..did u see ur self in ..hahah

mirrow ...mirrow in da world me what is da question will come out in exm..ahaks


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